A Bedroom Fit For A 14 Year Old (In 1984)

Several months back, I acquired some posters. I recently got a couple up on the walls, which meant removing other SM memorabilia off my walls to make them fit. Today those things were placed back up on the walls with some of the other posters making their debut on my bedroom walls.

Also my amazing prize that I won from the Echo Lab from buying raffle tickets to win a drumhead signed by Cherisse (with a signed photo also) arrived today. I’m yet to put that on the wall though, as I will need to get a suitable frame so I can display it.

Someone Somewhere In Summertime With LDF

Had a go at tidying up the image of Jim in the SSIS fold-out poster with the 7” vinyl. Don’t know if any of you guys have a crease proof copy, but I don’t…and I have three of them! Lol.
30+ years of being folded up will do that.

The crease stubbornly would fall all down the left side of his face across his eye (and when I say the left side…I mean from his perspective). I tried tidying it up years ago, but thought I’d have a fresh go…and just added a few other “improvements”. (Not so much with him…it’s impossible to improve upon perfection…)

The fresh attempt was spurred on by someone viewing my original attempt of “improvement” a couple of days ago.

Singling Out Jim (Again)

With my THIRD copy of the Someone Somewhere In Summertime 7 inch vinyl with fold out poster sleeve, I thought I would just cut Jim out (I know! I’m evil! All the rest of the boys are in the other framed copy – and it was Jamie Morgan who blurred out Charlie in that one, not me!) and have him on the wall in my bedroom. I know! How old am I?! Oh, but why the hell not! Just LOOK AT HIM! 

Anyways…I thought We’d have some blu-tack around so I could just stick him to the wardrobe door, or on the wall somewhere, but no. No blu-tack. And no frame that will fit either. So temporary hanging measures have been taken! Necessity – the mother of invention! (Not that it is necessary to have a poster of Jim Kerr on your bedroom wall. WHAT AM I SAYING?! WASH MY MOUTH OUT! Lol.)


I have wanted this poster for SSOOO SO long! But it has been going for silly prices on eBay…UNTIL NOW! GOT IT!!! GET IN!!! Now…if I could just get Jim to sign it…that would be awesome! 🙂 But I am being greedy…

Kerrsday Thursday – Jim Tie – SSIS Poster

This photo is from the poster sleeve of Someone Somewhere In Summertime 7″ vinyl single. The sleeve folds out into a HUGE poster, with Jim and Charlie taking centre stage. Jim in a tie! Yes!

Unfortunately, the copy I got myself, having been folded up as the single’s sleeve for the best part of 35 years was a little creased! Using some magic, I’ve tried to smooth the creases out. Not bad, even I do say so myself.

That geko brooch on his collar looks AMAZING!

What a beautiful boy he is :-))

And the gecko…

Colourful Fold-Out Minds – Blue Suited Jim

Fold out magazine pin-up booklet with Jim on the cover. The inner blurb on the Minds is actually quite a good little blurb for such a throw-away piece of musical tat. And I do love that picture with Jim finger on chin, plotting world domination (or Derek’s demise from the band, at least).