The Belted Beauty…

It is very rare for me to stumble upon a photo that had been previously unseen by me…but last night it happened with a couple of pics of The Mister whilst looking about Facebook.

This is the first of the two. The sharer says it’s from 1985…but I definitely disagree with that date. His hair cut is the biggest reveal that date is wrong. Secondly his clothing. Still in loose, tailored trousers and a jacket. Boots and a belt…I would definitely say it’s more 1983. Not that I’m any Jim Kerr photographic expert or anything(!)

But…def, 1983. Anyway…enjoy. It’s lovely! (I need some new content for this blog!)

Sweet Dreams!

Oh, he is just ASKING for it – and imma gonna give it to him! (I wish!)

I had a lovely dream about him this morning and he was not in a dissimilar position as he is here 😉 He had two of us ladies to deal with…and he was loving it (as were we!). Nothing too “sordid”…it was all very flirty and fun :-)))


Been saving this one up for a rainy day. One my friend C’ Moon sent me via Facebook. Thank you!

Jim Kerr, circa 1991 – freshly showered – shaving in front of a mirror – polishing his boots – and showing off his Dutch football kit – BUT IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CHEST (and flash of nipple!) #nom

And I leave you with what is still, quite possibly, the finest Jim in boots photo ever.

From the bottom of my heart, Virginia Turbett, I applaud you!