He’s So “Made Up”! – A Mini Kerrsday Thursday

I, just a few days ago, bought a bunch of clippings on eBay. Some things within I already had copies of (the whole NME December 4th, 1982 edition with Jim on the cover, taken by Anton Corbijn, for example). There are actually a number of good things…gig reviews, album and single reviews…some Belgian magazine articles, etc…but I primarily bought them for THIS!

If you have visited this blog regularly, you’ll know how much I have coveted this picture, and wanted it in colour. The only other colour copy I had seen of this was barely 2 x 3 inches in size. This one is approximately 8 x 10 inches. Oh…that make up! Look at him! Beautiful beastie he is! I mean…yeah, he’s alright. Lol

Ahem. Decorum, decorum.

Anyway, I am “made up” to have myself a colour copy of it.

It’s only just a snap of it on my iPad for now. I will take a proper scan later and upload…and will share some of the other clippings too. (Not many other pics, really…mostly just text.)

UPDATE: Proper scan now here…

Sadly no idea on photographer because it isn’t mentioned on the clipping. Wish I knew.



Clegg Kerr

Oh, I HATE doing this stuff…but I like sharing shots I’ve never seen before. And I wish I had the money to pay for the use of all these. Paying for the upkeep of the blog each year is enough. I keep contemplating monitising it, but I abhor the thought. I don’t want ads all over my site! No thank you. Whoever clicks on those ads anyway?
To pay for personal web use for a few years on a photo isn’t too bad…but multipy it by the number of photos I actually have on my blog, and yes, it would rack up into thousands of pounds every few years. I just don’t have the funds. So I do what I can to promote.


The photographer is Simon Clegg, and it will be the only photo of his you’ll see here. It’s relavent to the site (my site – this photo). That’s it. I don’t want to nick a whole bunch of his photos.

I came by this photo of his at photographersdirect.com – if you go to the site, you can register as a buyer and get information on photos and can get in contact with the photographer through the site to discuss buying prints/use. I will no doubt do the right thing and ask about pricing to display on my site digitally. Here goes going broke.

If nothing else, it’ll give me the opportunity of asking him more information about it. Where and when the shot was taken. I could hazard a guess around time…circa 1980/81, and quite possibly in Glasgow or Edinburgh. Clegg seemed to based in Scotland for a period…either having gone over from Australia, or had subsequently moved to Oz where he is currently based.

Anyway, I want to do the right thing.

Nostalgia Strikes

I am being nostalgic for things I wasn’t even around for! Lol. But…this is still one of my favouritest things, ever, because of that big, beautiful, cheesy smile. Maybe *this* was Virginia Turbett’s best work? Oh, she took some doozies of him :-))) Wonder what happened to her?

One Framed!

I get the feeling I should have bought THREE copies of the book! As long as I framed this one, and that shot of Jim I shared on the original post about the book…that’ll do me! But I hope I can frame a couple more…with some ingenuity. 

Perhaps I may just approach Mr Gurr for prices on actual pro prints? (Once the Acoustic Tour is over, and I actually have some money!) We shall see! In the meantime…

New Vinyl Acquisitions

Two new vinyl albums – strictly in the “collectors” category. The one on the left (Themes For Great Cities) is a compilation made for the American market and released on Stiff Records, no less. The one on the right is a Mexican pressing of Sons And Fascination. 

In all honesty, I bought both partly due to the collecting element and partly because that picture of Jim on the cover is…divinly delicious! Oh, my word, this man is too beautiful for words (it’s Kerrsday Thursday…I’m allowing myself a small ogle on the new, improved Priptona SM blog!).

Both taking pride of place in the ever expanding Prip vinyl collection.

Jim Kerr and Midge Ure

This photo was taken a few years back when Simple Minds and Ultravox toured together. I had always seen the top half of the picture, but on a recent photo search, I notice a separate section of the bottom half. I had forgotten about grabbing that part of it with a view to merging them together to make a complete full image.

Searching for a photo to work with on my Flickr account, I once again came across both images. Photo merging now done, here’s the complete image. (If you look really closely…particularly on Midge, you’ll see it’s not 100% perfectly merged, but pretty damn close! It’s as near to perfect as I was going get…and I tried several times.)

No photo credit, I’m afraid. I have no idea. Sorry 🙁
(I always feel bad doing that)

Official Promo Photo

Not sure who the photographer is. Went to check my copy of Classic Pop (Dec/Jan 17 issue) as it seemed the work of the same photographer whose main image was used in that as well…but they get no credit. They should get a name check, whoever they are.

This photo is lovely. I had to share.