A 12 Month Countdown To Oz…

Leaked news from one of the Oz fans of THIS! SM confirmed (it would seem) for A Day On The Green at the Rochford Wines estate in Victoria for November, 2020.

So, it would seem I might be spending my 50th birthday down there? Or at least travelling down there shortly after the big FIVE-O.

Details are there on Ticketmaster’s AU based frontage. I was told by another fan it appears on the Bandsintown site too.

All seems legit…but of course, nothing is official until it is Simple Minds Official!

Stay tuned, folks! There must be more dates/info to come? (I’m going to regret Bordeaux just that bit more now. It would have helped pay for Oz!)

BBC’s Biggest Weekend – On Demand On iPlayer And Across Radio And TV

Oh, yes! Now I knew the BBC Biggest Weekend was going to be on the radio but not on the telly and on demand!

Simple Minds’ set will be shown as part of highlights aired  on BBC Four – but it appears sets will be streamed live on BBC iPlayer as well.

I ssooo wanted to go up there to see it…but how the heck could I turn around from there and get my arse all the way back down the other end of the country that quickly? Well, I need worry no more!

Thanks, BBC!

Full details of the days airings can be viewed HERE

Rewind To The Waterfront 

Well, as it happened…I wouldn’t have had to “behave” too much…as I’d have got some safe ogling in from him being on the stage after all! Too bad I was skint to f***. Could hardly have justified it for ONE song (although I’m sure I would have enjoyed more than that). Oh well. I shouldn’t really be down for missing out…I mean, I’ve only been to 13 gigs so far this year…nine of which were Simple Minds ones! 

Oh, the pain…the agony! Lol

(Photo by Martin Bone…see Facebook link below)