Santa’s Christmas Day Delivery

Of course Santa seemed to arrive early to Casa Read with the arrival of Graeme Thomson’s Themes For Great Cities (which I am just under halfway through and absolutely ITCHING to review here – but want to complete it first) a few days ago.

But he returned yesterday to deliver these…

All gratefully received. Books of Brilliant Things and BAKLAWA! GET IN!!! (MA BELLEH!!!)

Merry Christmas – From Prip And LDF

He is my superhero. I absolutely adore him! He makes the days brighter. He is…the start, the middle and the end. The sun, the moon and the stars.

He makes me feel alive and makes me want to live! Jim Kerr – you are all things to me. Beautiful, in every sense of the word. Beautiful to behold, awesome (in its true definition) intelligence. Sex god!

Merry Christmas – from sycophancy Nancy – aka Priptona Weird – aka Larelle…nutter and would-be stalker (no!) fan.

To all of you who come here and suffer my forlorn fangirl fascinations and fantasies. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Let’s hope that 2021 is a better one!

Minds Music (Christmas) Monday

The most venomous version of King Is White I’d ever heard Jim sing…not as angry sounding in his delivery as some of the earlier versions and he drops the “take/taking no prisoners” line – which is a big shame…but in the second refrain of the chorus he adds a “hang ’em up / sling ’em up / fuck ’em up” line which is just…TOXIC!

Recorded for radio in Sydney…oops! Lucky we’re a nation of swearers and the station’s boss (most likely a head honcho at the ABC) probably never battered in eyelid.

Merry Christmas! 😈

Merry Christmas From Priptona

Although this is essentially a blog from a personal angle, and not meant to be seen as a professionally run Simple Minds blog…by ANY means, I am humbled and somewhat dumbstruck that I have a readership and visitors to this site. To those who subscribe, and to those who visit, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a most healthy and prosperous 2018.

And…as it is one of the best Christmas songs out there…enjoy Ms Hynde and co.

“In these frozen and silent nights
Sometimes in a dream…you appear”

And then make a girl’s dreams come true 🙂

Kerrsday Thursday – Xmas Kerr – A *Gift* From Jim

May I…unwrap your “present”, Jim?

Lol. God, I’m such a dirty cow! Smutty, smutty mare 😇😇😇😇