A Kerr Tartan Heart – In Medium

The Simple Minds Shop was having a sale…and of course, I got roped in to having a look. Lots of Acoustic Tour merch marked down…but I had been eyeing off a baseball style SM shirt with the “Glasgow ’77” wording and Kerr tartan heart/claddagh logo for a while now. Some lines were “never to be restocked” they said, so…there was ONE baseball shirt left…in medium. I HAD to snap it up in the vain hope it would fit.

It’s tight! But…it kinda fits (fun to get over the old “chesticles” – all the weight I have lost and my tits have hardly shrunk – fuck it!). I’m determined to get it to fit more comfortably. Another piece to add to the ” weight loss goals” part of the wardrobe. Hopefully won’t be long before I can wear it with pride.

God KNOWS what I have spent at this shop in the past three years…

More Shrine Hanging

More stuff being hung at Casa Read today.

Finally got this behemoth up on the wall! Maybe when Jim gets back from being half-way round t’ other side of t’ world, he can officially come and open Luton’s first (and only?) Simple Minds shrine. Lol

Empires And Dance T-Shirt

Fan Girl treasure :-)))