Heart Of The Crowd – Limited Edition Boxed Presentation

So initially I held off getting the Heart Of The Crowd book on pre-order. I just wasn’t sure I wanted to expose myself to all those stories. I was slowly coming round to it and was starting to think that maybe it would be good. And the £45 didn’t seem too bad. A little more expensive than I had liked (as I said before, the 16 Years book is of a similar volume but was just that more modestly priced at £35) but, you know…I’m sure it would be worth it.

I am glad I had held off because one of the fans on one of the SM groups alerted us to THIS!

The blurb about it reads:

With foreword from Jim Kerr. The Special Box edition is limited to 1,000 copies only and are all individually numbered.

The Special Box edition comes compete with bonus items including: Certificate of Authenticity numbered 1-1000, two rare early black and white photos signed by Jim and Charlie, a plectrum made for Charlie for the 2020 tour, Simple Minds 40 Hits tour VIP pass with lanyard, Simple Minds 2020 fridge magnet, sticker sheet with 24 badges, replica Saturday Night Live ticket from 1985, replica BBC In Corcert ticket from 1979, replica Mars Bar Club flyer from 1977 (I think they mean 1978, I hope they do!), all presented in a box with artwork.

Well…I couldn’t actually resist THIS version and have gone ahead and pre-ordered it. When you make it ultra collectable, of course then you pull me in! I already have the photo of Jim. I got some prints from Laurie Evans just a short while ago and it included that particular photo of Jim. I don’t have any of Charlie (of Laurie’s in print form), so there’s a bonus already.

I won’t lie – I took a steep intake of breath when I saw the cost but it wasn’t like I wasn’t prepared. And I do think given the collectable nature of it and all the bonus content, it is actually a more reasonable price than the standard copy of the book. All of that other stuff for £40 more quid? Sounds bloody decent to me!

So, yes. This special box limited edition is priced at £85 but, in my eyes, better value for money than the standard edition.

I just pray now that my little contribution features in it…but I highly doubt it. There is nothing grandiose in my fan story I have to offer. certainly not what I had submitted anyway.

Yep. I was keeping quiet about it. About the fact I actually DID submit something. But I sat on my hands for months because I felt I had nothing to offer the book as Miss Johnny-Come-Lately “not a real fan – earn your stripes, girly” fan – so…yeah.

I’ll be no doubt desperately disheartened if my little bit doesn’t make it in…but I have had more than my share in recent times. And I’ll love Jim all the rest of my days for being so kind and lovely to me when he did. (Oh, how I miss it! STOP CRYING!!! 😭😭😭)

Nothing could ever mean more to me than that.

So…if you have £85 to burn, have contributed to the book and know you’re appearing in it (some fans already seem to know they are in it) then you MAY just want to splash out. At only 1,000 limited copies, I wouldn’t dilly dally though!

Details on purchasing the book can be viewed HERE

Philatelist Anorak

I may just turn Jim into one too. Lol. Given the Bowie postcards and stamps I have sent him. Well, here’s a new addition. And of course, now he’s in Sicily, writing posts thanking people for all the gifts and “stuff” they have left, it’ll appear I am “bandwagon-ing” – but I bought this earlier in the week…before it was even known he was over there.

And seeing as I’m sure he never visits this pathetic excuse for a Simple Minds blog…I’m sure it’ll be safe to reveal what I got him. He can consider it an early Christmas present! I’m sure the soon-to-be (on May 25th, 1967) eight year old Jim Kerr would have loved this. Let’s hope that inner child springs eternal in the 58 year old version.

It’s only now, sharing these pics, did I take in the significance of the date of this anniversary year. May 25th, 2017. Bridlington! Well, that will now always be a very special date for me. Perhaps not the first time I met him…but the best meeting I had with him. It’ll be with me all the rest of my days. Disown me if you must, Sir…but I will never stop thanking you, or adoring you.

I flippin pray to god you don’t already have a copy!

(The only thing I did in altering these pics was obscure the number in the run of 5000 that Jim will be getting. That’s for his eyes only!)

Yay And Squeeeee And WOOT!!!

I got it!!!! I got a copy of the Ltd Ed 1 of 3000 of Sister Feelings Call! Hope it’s not number 666. Lol. That’ll be hilarious if so. 

Hope it’s something sweet like 931…Jim’s and my birthdates (or conversely 319). Lol. Oh, HOW BAD DO I HAVE IT????! Lol. Oh, it can be ANY number…I’m ecstatic all the same :-))

I pick it up tomorrow.