Happy 41st Anniversary To A Live Kerr And Burchill!

It was 41 years ago today (an Easter Monday evening) that a newly formed punk outfit called Johnny And The Self Abusers took the the stage at Doune Castle in Glasgow. This motley crew of Weegie misfits comprised within them one James Kerr, esquire…otherwise known to all and sundry as Jim, and one Charles Burchill, esquire…aka Charlie. So newly formed, in fact, I doubt the alias names the band members briefly got known by (including Pripton Weird [Ears] and Charlie Argue) had even been chosen yet. I dunno, perhaps Syd Syphilis and Colin O’Scopy (I made that one up – but it’s more punk than Pripton Weird, for starters! Lol) were already using their punk personas, just maybe too soon for messers Weird and Argue?

Anyway…halle-bloody-lujah for that night and those two hungry boys carving out a start for themselves. Where would we be without them?

Following is some words from Jim in 2012. Original source can be viewed here (big ups to Simon Cornwell and his astonishing online SM bible that never ceases being an endless source of information…otherwise known as WiKERRpedia) at Dream Giver Redux.

Gladrags And Music Mags

Took my guests to St Albans today. Among the places shown were Empire Records (my first meeting with Catherine taking place there in October, 2016) and to a vintage clothes shop.

Some goodies to be had in both. Found recent back issues of Mojo magazine at the record shop…complete with complimentary CDs on the covers featuring music from Catherine AD/The Anchoress and Johnny And The Self-Abusers.

I saw some amazing dresses inside the vintage shop…and one in particular kept catching my eye. Never believed it would fit me, but I went behind the changing screen in the corner of the shop to try it and BLOW ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER! So…I know it’s a little personal…but this dress is stunning! I am in love!

Those Abusive Boys!

I love the writer’s frustration in not being able to see them play. Esp. the second of the gigs he wanted to go to. Geez, you had to be over 21 to get into Saints And Sinners?! Look at the median age of the guys in the band! What a crock! Bloody hell!

The Flinging Faust Tapes From The Flat Window!

Today I spied a clip from Stewart Lee about his meeting with the band Faust and some twisted vegeance for an incident that was steeped in some urban legend that he heard somewhere or other (he supposedly “learned it from a booook”), about Johnny And The Self Abusers and some Faust records. You can watch the clip by clicking the link below.

 Stewart Lee: Simple Minds & Faust clip

Well, I *had* to ask Sir about this. As I said in linking the Stewart Lee clip on SMO, I was aware of the story of him (Jim) throwing a record out of the Kerr flat window for him later to find that Charlie Burchill received it as he happened to, rather serendipitously, walk by below.

But Sir was also kind enough to clarify some details, whilst eleborating on others. Sixteen edits later, I think he’s finally happy with the final tale. Lol. (If this autoboigraphy EVER sees the light of day, no one will be more surprised than me!)

This was the post I saw (and in earlier posts to this, the fuck wasn’t even sensored. RIGHTLY SO! Lol. thank you FB edit history…my poor darling is naive to such things, god love him! Now, don’t you be blaming me, Jim! The edit history is there for ALL to see!)…hence I left a comment about “no tortoises being harmed in the making of this post” and saying I always thought the Don’t You picture disc looked like a squished tortoise.

The one below is the most recent version (subject to change!) on SMO. Slightly reworded, and no swearing. I wish he didn’t feel the need to sensor himself so much! What’s a “fuck” between friends? *bats eyelashes and looks sheepishly innocent*

Thank you again, Sir, for making my day :-))

Lyric Of The Day – Dead Vandals

Actually a Johnny And The Self Abusers track (pre- Simple Minds). Lyrics deciphered myself so may not be correct, but this is what I hear, so I hope I’m right. If anyone knows otherwise (Jim? If you have ever come to this trashy, sycophantic blog. Lol), please feel free to correct me!

Lyric of the day

Song: Dead Vandals

Album: Single release only

Year of release: 1977

Written by: Kerr/Burchill/McNeil/Donald/McGee/Milarky

(An error for Charlie’s surname exists and the credits actually go to “Burchall”  – this subsequently happened to Mick MacNeil, in particular, quite a bit :-/ In this particular instance, the McNeil mentioned is Abuser member Alan McNeil.)