Kerrsday Thursday – Jim Tie – SSIS Poster

This photo is from the poster sleeve of Someone Somewhere In Summertime 7″ vinyl single. The sleeve folds out into a HUGE poster, with Jim and Charlie taking centre stage. Jim in a tie! Yes!

Unfortunately, the copy I got myself, having been folded up as the single’s sleeve for the best part of 35 years was a little creased! Using some magic, I’ve tried to smooth the creases out. Not bad, even I do say so myself.

That geko brooch on his collar looks AMAZING!

What a beautiful boy he is :-))

And the gecko…

Kerrsday Thursday – Jim Tie – ORS Gifs Pt2

More tie action. More gravity-defying fringe!

These gifs have a bit of everything…

Some mic cord play. A bit of tongue action, and a cheeky smirk. Some interesting mic holding and general swagger…

Oh, boy 😉

Kerrsday Thursday – Jim Tie – ORS Gifs Pt 1

Jim – tie gifs! And a gravity-defying fringe! Those were the days! 😉

(I’m such a cheeky bitch!)

Gifs are from a performance of I Travel from the Oxford Road Show in 1983.

More to come…