Beauty Personified 

If this year is determined to end in the most shitty way possible, then I am going to do my best to counter it.

Yes…it’s a personal blog, above all else. It exists ultimately for my own benefit…hence the title “PRIPTONA’S Simple Minds Space”. I.E – my space, to do with as I like. I like to make it Simple Minds orientated. I love the band…the music. But if this blog has more Jim Kerr on it than is deemed necessary…frankly I do not care. By blog. My rules. BITE ME!

And When I Say “Thank You”…

…I don’t mean as in I’m glad you like my post. I really don’t want it to be misconstrued as boastful or something! Yuck!

I am thanking you for responding to me. For just taking that second to reply to me. I adore you, Mr. Kerr! I’m sure you know this only too well by now. 

And be it Saturday (the queen of wishful thinking!) or next Thursday, I cannot wait to see you and be near you. Yes! Strong sentiment…but true.

Once again (again, again, again), thank you!

Is That A Yes? Or A Yes?

A like that means “yes, you can flirt too much”? Or a like that means “yes, you can find out on Saturday, or on Nov. 10th”? I would pray like a crazy thing for the latter! Dream, dream, dream…


No matter what it meant, the fact he liked it made my day. Thank you, Sir! I will go to sleep dreaming of you. (I wish! That rarely happens.)

Forgot about these bunch of screen grabs I had from Simple Minds’ appearance on Top Of The Pops, performing Promised You A Miracle.

Jim – in the white suit and black boots – HNNG!


Still ssooo beautiful. I’m not sure I could love him any more than I do now. My heart literally feels like it’s going to burst when I look at him.