Chasing “The Hit” and The “All Time Low” That Follows

OMG! It is SUCH a drug! And I am such an addict! I know how stupid and pathetic it sounds but…perhaps it is all just link to all the good things I’ve felt in my life these past few years? It’s sad!

But, like tonight. I see him post and…I feel a high. “He’s posted! Yay! What’s he talking about? Oh, perhaps if I respond in the right way. Use the right phrase. Pick the right subject. Ask questions….He might respond. Oh, PLEASE let him reply to me!”


And I try and just…I dunno. Respond quick. Try to think of SOMETHING that he might want to respond to.

My comment gets a like. “Yay! Okay, any minute now! Please reply, please reply, please reply. Talk to me, Jim. PLEASE?!”

Minutes tick by. Nothing.

Nope. Not going to happen.

“Has he replied to someone else?” Yep. “He hates me.”

“He’s bored of me.”

My euphoria of the initial posting then deflates.


It’s terrible! Why am I like this? I actually want to cry that I am this pathetic and needy.

And I really shouldn’t talk about this openly. Confess publicly about how fucking pathetic I am. That I LITERALLY hang on the every word of this man.


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I Want To Show Him!

Lol. So silly…but I want to show Jim my goldfinch…but, well…despite what I thought recently was a bit of a sea change to how things had been feeling…I still very much feel “persona non grata”. I could be reading too much into stuff…but, well.

I won’t. But he kind of helped me on with this thing, so that’s why I would have liked to show him. 

Anyway! Who needs the approval of some big rock star lead singer, lyricist dude that you hero worship and adore ANYWAY?! (Erm…not me! She says…with not ONE OUNCE of conviction!)

Cherubic Bhoy

I love this picture of him ssooo much. I love his baby, cherubic face.

He manages to look both sweet AND devilish at the same time 😉

I would devour him – if I could – if I was brave and bolshy enough.

Holy fucking fucknuts he’s beautiful!!

Photo: David Corio

Who Dat Pasty Man?

To think how much I used to think seeing these scenes back as an 11 year old was icky!

If I could go back in time and tell that 11 year old, that, in many years to come, she will think he is the most beautiful man in the universe and these scenes will make her drool a puddle on the floor…she’d think I was fucking nuts!! Lol

I think I’m fucking nuts! Lol.

But…by God, I love you, Jim!

European Love Song Bhoy – Part 7

And now he’s playing with the mic cord!!!!! 


*kill me now*