You Never Know Who You Could See At Keppoch Park

Just read this article. (Link HERE)

So, okay, it’s one thing to think that SOME day Rodders would be over the road watching a game – but even MORE exciting prospect to me is the idea that, literally just over the road (see photos below of the view of the pitch from my bedroom window), OOR GORDY could be over there watching the game with his pal! ERMAGERRRRRD! That would be awesome! (Because I am pretty damn sure that the Gordon Goudie mentioned in the article is OOR GORDY!)

A side point that has always made me curious – WHY is a fitba team based in Possilpark called PERTHSHIRE FC?! Explanations welcome.

Minds Music Monday – Fitba Toons

In light of His Nibs’s post about the bloody fitba on Saturday, I decided this MMM should highlight tracks representing the nations.

And seeing that in said post he declared his love for the English team, then we have both Jerusalem and When Spirits Rise to represent both England and Scotland.

In fact, Scotland play at Hampden Park this afternoon. And that, my friends, is the extent of my knowledge of the (reputed) “beautiful game”.

I had compiled a completely different post and wanted it to be my MMM post, but it is awaiting approval, so it may just be a bonus post later on today, or will be posted some time during the week (fingers crossed). But I promise that the normal Sons And Fascination/Sister Feelings Call track-by-track celebration Minds Music Mondays WILL RETURN next week!

Until then…Yes, Sir – you *can* indeed boogie! (I miss your dad dancing!)