Curious About Kenny

I have just been perusing the latest issue of Electronic Sound magazine and was taking a cursory glance through the reviews section. King Creosote has a new release out called KY-10 (I’m going to assume it has something to do with his postcode and not anything to do with lubricant – as I think he is a Michelle – aka a Fifer…see what I did there?).

The review given has me rather intrigued. I think I may have to give King Kenny’s latest a listen this evening…

Mars By 1980 – David Stubbs

Another book I am about to download onto my Kindle. I must have about 200 unread books on there now. As slow a reader as I am, I used to read regularly. At least 10/12 books a year. That’s not a lot for you speedy reading types, but that was a good pace for me…and MUCH better than current stats, which will be lucky if they equate to just a solitary book per year. Shameful! I need to change that!

Anyway, this extract was in last month’s Electronic Sound magazine. The book is written by one of the magazine’s contributors. Below is the extract from within the magazine, about the lasting legacy of Kraftwerk.

As a side note, Kometenmelodie 2 is now my absolute new fave piece of instrumental music. It never fails to make a massive emotional impact on me. It brings me to tears with its beauty. Electronic music emotionaless and devoid of anything visceral?! Utter fucking hogwash!

Jon Hopkins – Singularity

Really fab interview with Jon Hopkins in this month’s Electronic Sound magazine. Will definitely take a listen to the album tonight.

Electronic Sound – Barrowland Live Review (Where They Even There?)

This really IS a strange review…almost like it was written BEFORE the gig…if not certainly by someone not even there on the night. And they got the date wrong! Did they go by the erroneous date on the setlist sheet? (At least I feel less sad that my own copy of the setlist has the same erroneous date)

I’m not even sure WHAT this review is ACTUALLY reviewing…but, at least they are getting exposure from the magazine as a result, and it’s keeping them fresh in the minds of Electronic Sound readers. I think the magazine itself, its writing staff show room for improvement. Just saying. They do come across a little…amateur.