Some Waffling And Some Beauty

Some videos, the book I discuss in one of them, as well as the talk of it being Kerrsday and my favourite photo of the most beautiful man on earth! (Yeah…I know. Whatever. I adore him. Fuck it. I don’t care anymore.)

Also, on another note, I have just discovered that Bowie’s Ouvrez Le Chien live album is only available to stream and as a digital download. Fucknuts!

Anyway…pics and vid INCOMING!

Photo of Jim featured by the wonderful, amazing Virginia Turbett.

Wam Bam Thank You, MainMan!

Ramoana, who is out on the interwebbings hosting a weekly Bowie show on a Canadian Internet radio station pointed me towards THIS! What MAY just be the BEST podcast series I am about to listen to.

I bloody LOVE the MainMan period….mostly because it’s just well…several things – Defries is a fucking MANIAC money hungry megalomaniac….but the people who worked around the office and with David at the time, Tony Zanetta, Leee Black Childers, Warren Peace, Freddie Burretti, Dana Gillespie, Ava Cherry, etc, etc – they all have such amazing stories. It just sounds like such an amazing kind of chaos to be involved in!

Anyway…I will definitely be sinking my teeth into this tonight. And living vicariously through one of the most incredible periods of David Bowie’s career.

You can also get more info and further info by visiting the site

Gabriel Gabble – Uncut Magazine

The latest edition of Uncut magazine has a big old interview with Gabriel as well as a feature on the 40th anniversary of the release of Melt – not sure if there is at all any Minds references – I have yet to read it.

There is also a feature on Toots And The Maytals – quite a bit in this month’s mag for a certain Mr Kerr to sink his fangs into.

And for us Bowie fans there’s a look into the recording of the Absolute Beginners single.

“RockField – The Studio On The Farm” Documentary To Air On BBC Channels!

The documentary on the famous Monmouthshire recording studio is set to air simultaneously on BBC Two Wales and BBC Four on Saturday, July 18th at 9pm BST.

Below is a trailer on the documentary – with a tiny snippet of Jim discussing Simple Minds’ meeting with David Bowie and Iggy Pop while the band were there recording second album Real To Real Cacophony in 1979.

I have been hoping this would be getting a UK airing at some point. Really looking forward to this one.

The Fanboy!

I love this story that George Underwood tells of him and David Bowie going to see Little Richard.

It’s part of Uncut magazine’s big obit to Little Richard. I had read the story some time back – but it bears repeating. If there is really such a thing as heaven and those of us deemed worthy get to walk through those pearly gates, I can imagine David seeing Richard arrive and saying “you took your time! Now…let’s get this party happening!”