The Pet Shop Boy…and Girl

This morning I was taking photos of Sultan as she was sitting by the little light box thing which has “pure dead braw” on it.

ASAP jumped up on the table a minute or two later and sat beside Sultan. I kept snapping away. Then Sultan yawned and as the camera snapped I thought “Oh hopefully that’ll make for a fun one, mid yawn.”

By heck it did! As soon as a saw it looking back through the few I’d taken, it just instantly made me think “Pet Shop Boys! That album cover of theirs!” Then I had to put in a Google search “Pet Shop Boys album covers” because I didn’t know what it was called. It revealed itself to be “actually” pretty quick in the search results.

I saved a copy of the cover, I then posted it to the FB group called “Recreate artworks with things you find at home”. This is how popular this post has been through the day…

1800 likes! And nearing 200 comments. My furbabies are little microstars!

Here’s the pic in full resolution…

Malcolm Garrett – Visions Of The New Gold Dream

The latest Long Live Vinyl magazine has a feature and interview with Malcolm Garrett. I actually let outa little squeal of delight when I saw his name on the cover. I’m still reading through it. I just took a short break to post the article here.

Of course he talks about SM and New Gold Dream…but discusses The American briefly too…and WOW! I very nearly pissed my pants (not from laughing…but shock and awe and wonderment) when he….well…you just read it. I won’t spoil it. But…shit! Yeah…that was just awesome! OH MY GOD! 😁❤️

Night Scene Time Lapse Photography…

As he shares a photo of the ilk of the blurred imagery of the Sons And Fascination cover art, I am reminded of a beautiful blend of imagery I made for Someone Somewhere In Summertime. I’d share it there…but he would no doubt get pissed off…but it is one I am still particularly proud of. Incorporating a photo the OH took from a hotel room window in Melbourne in 1998, I think it captured the lyrics I chose to highlight very well. If only I could dream of getting an artwork gig.

Well, I am obviously not going to be the photographer, for starters. Lol

The Concrete Face

I saw this face in a charity shop in Harpenden. It was £6.50. I thought it looked very like the statue face on the Someone Somewhere In Summertime cover…and…oh, I grappled about buying it, but decided not to. Wish I had now….

New Vinyl Acquisitions

Two new vinyl albums – strictly in the “collectors” category. The one on the left (Themes For Great Cities) is a compilation made for the American market and released on Stiff Records, no less. The one on the right is a Mexican pressing of Sons And Fascination. 

In all honesty, I bought both partly due to the collecting element and partly because that picture of Jim on the cover is…divinly delicious! Oh, my word, this man is too beautiful for words (it’s Kerrsday Thursday…I’m allowing myself a small ogle on the new, improved Priptona SM blog!).

Both taking pride of place in the ever expanding Prip vinyl collection.