Made Another…

Not sure it’s any good at all. Dunno…

Art imitates life – some days are fab, some are not. Sometimes you have to swim against the tide to get to where you want to go…

And all that shit.

Full Follies Colour!

ERMEAGEERRRRRRD! IMMA GONNA CRY! I am ssssoooo happy this is up there. But I am sssooooo scared it’ll get taken away. PLEASE stay up there until morning, so I can make sure I can copy it for my own personal collection.

Jim is just off his tits glorious in this performance. I mean…he really is flying high, but I just love how he is. He’s just….EVERYTHING!

The continuation of Brian McGee appreciation day on the blog.

Another song from Belgian TV (same set as Capital City came from, it would appear) – Calling Your Name. Jim Kerr has some fantastically weird moves during this. Lol. But today is all about Brian :-))

Again – apologies for the video qhality – but it’s so hard to find good quality live performances of this time containing Brian on drums.