A Welcome Delivery

Received these in the mail this morning from Virginia.

Merry Kerr-istmas 🎄🎄🥰🥰🥰

Photos taken in August, 1981. The three at the top, in preparations for the gig that evening in Edinburgh. The bottom three, waiting around at Heathrow Airport for the flight back to Scotland.

These Boots Were Made For Fundraising

I kept quiet about this on here…ever wishful I could place a bid. I was ssooo hoping that I would have the funds by now. But, alas, no. I watched the final minutes tick by. They have spent the past 24 hours on £325, and the thought they were going to go for that price was unbearable to me! With less than one minute to go, they were still on £325. I was nearly in tears at the thought they were going to end on that price!

Then, with 35 seconds to go they started to climb.

With just seconds to go, two final higher bids of £410 and then £460. I breathed a sigh that at that point, it probably would have gone out of my price range had I felt I could bid. I would have chased them to £500 had the funds been available to me.

I’ll never know if I’d have won them for £500. And perhaps when I do have funds some other amazing piece of SM memorabilia will come along? Jim’s leather boots from 1982! Now THEY would be the boots I’d REALLY want!

Whoever won them…I hope you cherish them! And…we all know Jim’s a Size 9 shoe now 😉 (Same size as my OH…rather worryingly – now THERE’S a story to tell there! That you will NEVER hear from me…)

You can see the auction details by clicking here.

Brothel Creeping At The Shops For DMs

The gang have been out shopping today…minus Charles B, it seems. Jim and Gordy both bought variations of “brothel creepers” – no more to be said there! Lol

Sarah said she bought THREE PAIRS – Cherisse bought two.

Did Ged buy any? Not sure whether he was alluding to being of such ample foot, he needs his boots made. BRAGGING POINTS THERE if so! Lol

Anyways…it was fun and worth a pinch! Sorry about the quality of the footage, I definitely need a new phone, I think! Not easy to get good footage filming from an iPad Mini screen to an iPhone.

And if owning a pair of red velvet brothel creeper DMs just like Sir isn’t quite enough for you…here’s the details on the shirt he was wearing to boot! (Click the image for more details)



Try Walking In My Shoes…

This is wonderful! Not only a great cause, but an absolutely wonderful piece of memorabilia anyone would love to have in their collection.

I’m worried it will be an obvious “highest bidder wins” traditional style auction. Oh, but I have money coming my way and I would hope to be able to place a SERIOUS BID!

To help an amazing cause…and to have something I know I will absolutely TREASURE!

UPDATE: I’ve had word back from the Small Steps Project, see images below…



Click here to read the post on the Small Steps Project blog.

Ginny Gems – Part Seven – Booty Call? 

Two more SM faves. This casual shot of Jim and Mick in the dressing room. Their faces! I love them! And he’s in THE BOOTS already! (Man, I love those boots! One day I will hunt down where they are and buy them. Oh, they probably no longer exist. That would be a damn shame…)

This one below I love because I think it has the BEST composition, ever. As I’ve said before sharing this photo, Virginia Turbett – I salute you! His butt in the mirror is just…cheeky! Lol. Pun positively intended! Lol. And he is putting on THE BOOTS! If there is ever true TARDIS tech…and I can go back in time and…erm…have my way with him – those boots are STAYING ON!!! Lol. Maybe not…it could be a bit awkward. More than happy to at least give it a go! Lol. Oh, I wish! He was SSSOOO lucky I was only 10/11 years old and 12,000 miles away at this point in time. Lol.

It’s all talk! Look at me now. Still bloody love him to bits and run a mile from facing him when I have half a chance of making it happen. Idiot I am. So people tell me, anyway. No one could understand why I didn’t go backstage at Hackney to try and meet him. They all thought I was nuts! Perhaps I was. I hope I never live to regret it 🙁

What will be will be, right?

The Boy King Is White…and kinda in the crowd…

Yes. Today I had too much time on my hands. And what do I do when I have too much time on my hands? Make digi art involving this stunning creature, of course :-))

Because I love that suit and those boots SSOO much…and because, as the decal says…The Boy have swag!

I *MAY* just have to bring back Kerrsday Thursday next week. Must think hard on a theme. Suggestions are welcome :-))