The Ronnie Gurr “Simple Minds in Berlin 1980” Book

One last mention of it. Little did I know when I invested in two copies there was a chance of being a lucky “one in ten” of getting a signed copy of the book. Did I perhaps make my chance one in five, having bought two copies? (I used to be fairly good at maths…it’s really not a strong point now!) It doesn’t sound right. But, either way, luck was on my side, as there were 25 signed copies available, and I got one! A wonderful surprise! 

I had already asked/gestured to Jim on the SMO FB page about carrying one of my copies around with me for him to sign. Well, kind of no need now…but I do like that personal touch (seeing him write my name is lovely…those two signed prints of my artworks will forever remain the most special and prized possessions I will ever have. I hope he knows how much I treasure them. I did try to get him to sign the Bowie Jean Genie print I did for him…but it never happened. Two must be all I am allowed 😦 A shame). Having my name written out by him on it would have been nice…handing him the Sharpie…watching him write it out…perhaps brag a little that he had no need to check the spelling of my name for he knew it all too well already (imfamously!). Perhaps even FINALLY hearing him say it?! It remains my final dream…just to hear him say my name (God…how gone on this man am I?! Lol)

Anyway…it was a wonderful surprise to see these inside the book. Thank you once again, Ronnie Gurr. The book has now become an even MORE cherished treasure than I imagined. 

As of yesterday (Sunday April 16th), copies were still available to buy. Get in quick! Just go to for details.

This Boy, Though (Part 775)

I love how much of him now you can see in this photo…

Timeless beauty ❤

(Yes! I’m having a fawning, sycophantic fangirl moment. It’s Easter. I’m allowed! He’s more addictive than chocolate. Just…LOOK AT HIM!)

I really won’t be able to look him in the eye if the opportunity for eye contact avails itself at these Acoustic gigs. I couldn’t do it at Hackney. I definitely WON’T be able to do it now! 

Certified (certifiable?) hopeless case.

Kerrsday Thursday – TRITP – Backstage Sequence

Just, wow! What a wonderful sequence of shots. Backstage and intimate. I had never seen these before and these alone make the purchase of the book worthwhile for me. The ogling of Jim is one thing…but as a snapshot of band life and backstage moments, these photos are a GEM! Fantastico! 

They are not singled out in the book, so…

Photography credits: Martin Corbijn, Joelle Depont, Malcolm Garrett, Peter McAthur. Jamie Morgan, P.L. Noble, Sheila Rock, Kerstin Stetler, The Scottish Daily Record and Jaine Henderson. 

Extra credit for who in amongst these names got these most glorious and intimate shots.