Temporary Hiatus – Minds Music Monday – Big Sleep

Not much will be happening here on the blog for the next week as I have to knuckle down for my next uni assignment. Demotivation is starting to rear its ugly head and I need to try and deal with that.

So here’s an apt Minds Music Monday choice. I chose this clip because Jim smiles a lot.

Ah, today’s post…seeing a lady share a photo of this beautiful smiling face she got from Jim. Jealous much? You bet I was! Nothing would make me happier than to see that smile and know that I had produced it…rather than…that look that says “Why are you still here? Please go home, go away. Tiresome woman.”

Wish I could put the ‘Big Sleep’ on my feelings…


I know they probably rehearse many songs….but…considering we are a WEEK away from the first Acoustic Tour gig (next Saturday, Essen, Germany)….this makes for very interesting viewing!

T – Minus 3 Days

Three days until the New Gold Dream box set hits, so here’s another awesome live performance of a track from the album in anticipation. Jim is in full “Anthony Perkins” mode here. Love the lighting on this and how it makes him look like some pale, majestic, new wave prince. Just…beautiful! The whole shebang!