Minds Music Monday – New Gold Dream (Medley) – Barrowland, 1984

During yesterday’s Race For Life, I was nearly stopped in my tracks by the emotional pull I have to Wonderful In Young Life. It slowed me down a bit…I got swept up in the feelings it gives me, and I was thinking about David.

I stayed on track as much as possible, and then this version of New Gold Dream started to play immediately after, and I became swept up with different feelings. The joy of being alive…being able to do what I was doing right at that point in time.

Life is a precious gift. Savour every moment…

Electronic Sound – Barrowland Live Review (Where They Even There?)

This really IS a strange review…almost like it was written BEFORE the gig…if not certainly by someone not even there on the night. And they got the date wrong! Did they go by the erroneous date on the setlist sheet? (At least I feel less sad that my own copy of the setlist has the same erroneous date)

I’m not even sure WHAT this review is ACTUALLY reviewing…but, at least they are getting exposure from the magazine as a result, and it’s keeping them fresh in the minds of Electronic Sound readers. I think the magazine itself, its writing staff show room for improvement. Just saying. They do come across a little…amateur.

The Barrowlands – BBC Radio Scotland

Full documentary on the Barrowlands, featuring an interview with Jim Kerr, among others. Was a really great program and at times very funny…esp. Iggy Pop’s recount of a female fan crowd-surfing her way to the stage and then demanding to be groped by him! Lol

Fun times! 

The Minds seem set on playing the Hydro these days, but if they ever go back to playing the Barras, I’ll be there with bells on!! Maybe I can take a leaf outta that female Iggy fan’s book and demand a grope from Jim?! Lol. I bloody wish!!! In my ETERNAL dreams :-))

The Barrowlands – BBC Radio Scotland