Simple Minds Feature – Classic Pop Magazine – Issue Two – January, 2013

Long overdue to have got myself a copy to scan and share this article. Damn pissed that the long coveted photo of them on the sinking Titanic is – one: cropped and two: crap quality.

I love that other photo of them taken when they had one of their TOTP appearances. Jim with a tambourine in hand is always a winner.

Might have a go at some tidying up work on it later – a la “Mr Tambourine Man” banner artwork you may catch on here if you hang about for long enough.

Again – click on images to get increased image viewing options on the bottom right of each page.


From The Deathbed

Oh, Mr Kerr, you are beautiful ❤️ Thank you to a certain someone sharing this on their FB timeline…just what I needed on my deathbed. If I die during my sleep tonight…I will die happy.

Thank you for everything you’ve ever given me, Sir. I shall carry it with me always 😘😘😘😘😘😘