Minds Music Monday – Underneath The Ice

In the canon of Simple Minds work, some songs get forgotten about…lost…overshadowed or under-appreciated.

In making a choice for this week’s MMM, I wanted to choose a track that was topical. I was thinking about the weather and the time of year and with it being “Blue Monday” today, I thought this neglected gem needed a bit of a highlight.


Simple Minds feature article in Q Magazine Special on Depeche Mode and The Story of Electro-pop from 2005.

I will be scanning the complete magazine in the next couple of days and sharing it in sections. I will put “Phase One” of the magazine up shortly.

The magazine has really great features…but of course I just bought it for the picture of Jim Kerr in the white suit. I mean…

*THE* white suit.

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFTzXIfQewM)

Thought I’d lost this clip. Yay! 

Simple Minds on the Jonathan Ross Show from 2005. They perform Stay Visible off the “Black & White 050505″ album. There’s a better copy of that up on YT already, but thought I’d put this full clip up, including Jonathan intro-ing the guys in the green room (quite funny) and a “4 Poofs and a Piano” short tribute performance of Don’t You (Forget About Me).