Holy Holy – Holy Shit!

As Woody declared when he was given a special “Aylesbury hero” award (I’m not sure that was the correct title of the award, but it was something along those lines). He, Tony Visconti, and the rest of Holy Holy were awarded it.

It was a fabulous night. It wasn’t without a hitch, but that’s live music for you. I absolutely loved it. Sang my heart out to every song…danced and stomped my feet away in my seat. 

The OH wasn’t best pleased when they started with Width Of A Circle. Lol. She can’t stand the song. I think it’s a heavy prog rock epic! And it was a stunning version. 

They then proceeded to perform all of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, from start to finish, track by track. Glenn Gregory fluffed the lines on Star, so they stopped completely and started the song again.

There were then songs from Hunky Dory and other tracks from The Man Who Sold The World performed. And the final song was Heroes.

I just sang and sang. I was in heaven. Didn’t want it to end! 

Woody gave a little speech at the end, and then was surprised by his award. It was so lovely. It felt really special. The crowd were great, really feeding off the band. There was a lot of love in the room.

Wonderful. A wonderful time.

A bit of footage of them performing (as part of a longer medley) the Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud.

Next Month?! Geez Louise!

A link to Jim’s post this morning about the European leg of the Acoustic Tour soon kicking off. Less than a week to go until the first gig in Essen, Germany.

Alex Gains in his comment said “see you next month”. Well, I never even thought about being able to word it like that! It makes it sound  wonderfully imminent to do so! OMG!

But before all that, there is tonight’s gig of Woody Woodmansey’s (and Tony Visconti’s) Holy Holy at Aylesbury. That wonderful Bowie history linked to the place as well. I can’t believe I’ll be seeing a genuine Spider and the producing/engeneering/mixing genuis of Visconti also (and he can play a MEAN bass – listen to She Shook Me Cold off The Man Who Sold The World album if you don’t believe me!). It should be a great night.

And from there, the amazing gift that is John Grant! My anticipation for this one is almost exceeding the SM gigs!

A slight change of pace then, when a few days prior to the Glasgow kick off, I see David Tennant in Don Juan In Soho (in London…but not Soho). Haven’t seen him in a play in six years, and Don Juan In Soho sounds saucy and raucous. I can’t wait!