WIP – Early Stages!

Would anyone care to guess where this one MAY be going?

The first correct answer gets a “THIS WAS A RHETORICAL F***ING QUESTION!” mug^

^no actual mug exists

Just trying to form the basic outline for now. Tossed up whether to sketch on it first or not. Decided to do my usual “free form” thing. It has worked in the past. Doesn’t mean it’ll work now, of course…

The Rainbow Angel

Back at it today. Have left this far too long. Self-doubt. Must listen to David! Fear is good! Fear is your friend! Don’t let the things that scare you stop you from doing them. Don’t  just jump off the cliff…take a run up.


Today’s WIP

Today *IS* a WIP. 

But…I WILL paint. And work on this…the working title of it being matter-of-fact – “Rainbow Angel”.

Let’s hope commission piece number two works out much, much better than piece one (a failed result and a let down and disappointed “client”.)