Kerrsday Thursday – WCS – A&K2

“To make a dream survive…to calm the storm inside”

Alive And Kicking.

Kerrsday Thursday – Barely There WCS

Strip-teasing Jim 😉

First…not much on show…

Then a button…

Then another…

Finally, hanging on by just one button.

WCS almost becomes NO SHIRT by the end 😉


Kerrsday Thursday – Cheeky Boy! WCS

One of the best, if not THE BEST picture Virginia Turbett ever took of Jim (the mirror, Ginny, the mirror – top work, lady!).

And another one of hers below. Yes, Mick is in it too…and it’s Kerrsday Thursday…but Jim is too gorgeous in it…Mick can stay, for once. Lol

Kerrsday Thursday – WCS – Street Hassle Gifs

Jim (in WCS) – performing Street Hassle at Roskilde Festival, 1983