WANT! Gig Wish List – Number One!

OMG! I only saw this today. The gig (in London anyway) is 18 days away. I WANT THIS SOOOO MUCH! This man is…my drumming GOD. He is everything, in drumming terms, that I would ever aspire to be. I’ve never seen him live. It would be ssoooooo amazing to see him. So amazing.

I probably won’t be able to buy a ticket until next week. So…I just have to hope and pray some will be left then. Fingers crossed! It would be a DREAM to see him.


I’ll pretend it’s Bristol again…only 37 years earlier. I WISH! (Okay…I’d have been just about to turn 10….maybe not!) #JustAsFeistyAt10 #ThatPreviousHashtagWasSooooWrong

OMG!! I sssooo want a copy of this picture disc!! The second picture I got off eBay. Someone is selling their SIGNED copy!!! Are they NUTS?!! Wish I had the money to buy it. But they’re in the U.S. anyway – and considering my luck on international shipping lately, I wouldn’t chance it :-((