What A Bloody Wonderful Thing To Say!

OMG…and wouldn’t I wish! Not only for them to be honoured in Glasgow like that…but for a piece of MY ART to be used to do it?! I’d cry!!! It would be BEYOND amazing!

(Blacked out their name and pic to protect their identitiy online – New Old Dreamers is a closed fan group so this person may not want their details shared)

Busy Day! It’s “On The Wall”.

AT LAST!!! I have waited for this day for just over 18 months (it feels like 18 YEARS! Lol). Ever since Jim replied to me with those wonderful words about that end sound section of New Gold Dream, I have wanted to display it…frame it…put it up on the wall. I never thought being a Simple Minds fan would have SSOO much magic to it.

Seriously. Jim has his detracters. I’ve heard all the “Juan” jokes and…much worse and it doesn’t take an Einstein to work out that there is no love lost between certain band members…family members, etc. But that is all between the parties involved and NOTHING to do with me, and nothing I wish to discuss beyond what I have just mentioned. 

My own personal experience of my interactions with Jim, he has been nothing but kind, warm and patient. And funny. He makes me giggle too. He certainly doesn’t have to interact with us fans the way he does and I never take any fleeting time he wishes to spend on me for granted. Ever.

And so, with that, and all those wonderful interactions over the past 18 months, the art sprouted and devoloped. I never thought when I got that reply from him that I would go on to make my OWN pieces of art. My own way of displaying his words in a wonderfully creative and artistic way. I just thought I’d…print that sheet off and frame it…or print the screengrab of the Facebook page…something stupidly inane like that. Something that would never had done his words justice. It was only about 6 months ago did I finally think to create an art piece around it!

I traweled back through my photos folder to find the screengrab to work on it. I was happy with what I produced at the time and meant to get it printed up. I never did. Months passed and when I finally DID go to get it printed, I wasn’t happy with what I had made. So I redesigned it. New image of Jim, new colour scheme, fonts, etc. I was REALLY happy with the new one. 

I got it printed up straight away. And then…it sat around for a few weeks waiting for a frame…then a few weeks to BE framed…then a few weeks more to be hung.

But…today! Finally! It happened. It is up on the wall, and so is a copy of the New Gold Dream album in the marble effect vinyl (thank you, Martin, for the copy – Hackney was a special gig for so many reasons!). It makes the most beautiful display and I am SO, SO happy!!

I have in total 21 items on display now! All Simple Minds bar 2 posters featuring artwork and merchandise from The Anchoress. Four items are signed – three of my own original pieces – two of them signed by Jim, one signed by Catherine, and the other is the Acoustic CD cover, signed by Jim and Charlie (as part of a display piece for the picture disc interview with Jim from 1982 – the Big Music cover is also displayed with it). All highly, highly treasured. My own pieces signed by Jim and Catherine I will NEVER be parted from.

And…while all the preparation and hanging was taking place, I was working on a little side project…for one person. Their own, unique design. Something for them and absolutely NOT for sale! She loves it! Thank you, Deb, for helping to keep those creative juices flowing. Maybe one day to have a unique “Priptona” piece will be highly prized?! Lol. I doubt! Oh, but I can dream! 

We shall keep dreaming in those dreams!

More Shrine Hanging

More stuff being hung at Casa Read today.

Finally got this behemoth up on the wall! Maybe when Jim gets back from being half-way round t’ other side of t’ world, he can officially come and open Luton’s first (and only?) Simple Minds shrine. Lol