Scottish Crumpet?

Hell yes! Oh, he so is! Best. Hashtag. Ever.

He could also be a bit of hot tattie scone with a good lashing of butter on it.

Fuck yeah! Kerr, you melt MY butter, you goddamn sex god!

Also, been out strolling along the Forth and Clyde Canal today. Weather was beautiful. I’m knackered TF!

The Six Mile Smiling Selfie…

I managed a six mile walk last night. The first time! I’ve walked 4 and 5 miles plenty of times, but not 6. Well, I actually did just over six. To be exacting, I did 6.13 miles…so my route via mapometer told me. The selfie below was taken after I returned from said six mile walk…


Anyway, I am jubilant…but knackered! Lol

I’ll be doing a Race For Life charity walk on Sunday (June 24th) – so if any of you good people out there would like to give a donation to Cancer Research UK on my behalf? It would be HIGHLY appreciated.

The link to my donation page can be found HERE. Anything you can donate will be greatly received. All donations go directly Cancer Research UK.

I’ll let you know how I do on Sunday. I’m not expecting to set the world on fire with a time or anything…and I am not running, just walking.

As one wise fellow once said…the race is the prize!