New Warm Digits Album – Flight Of Ideas -Released April 3rd!


The best news today! Warm Digits have a new album coming our way on April 3rd. The new album is called Flight Of Ideas and an official video of a song from the album is up on YouTube.

The song is called The View From Nowhere and features guest vocalist, Emma Pollock. You can find a link to pre-order the album via the info on the YouTube clip. I’ve already ordered both the vinyl and CD. Can’t wait to hear the rest of it!

See you next week, boys!

New Gold Remix The Remix

Not actually a demo as it is described in the upload but merely a remix. The end at the beginning with that goosebump inducing car crash sound at the top….and a bringing of bass and Jim’s vocal to the front of the mix. I love his vocal on this.

I’m just gonna say it…he’s beautiful. There. It’s in that vocal. The optimism in the voice. The richness of it…the tone…it’s as warm and gleaming as the sun within the words it sings. That strong whisper of “dream in the dream with me”….