Tour Announcements – Give Me A Date, Sir!

Two years into being a Minds fan and I don’t think I’ve ever waited SSOO long for a UK tour announcement! They were touring as I became a mega fan, but it was too late in the year for me to do anything about it!

But it was ok, because just a few months in, Big Music was released and a big UK tour was announced. I got to go and see them at Cambridge Corn Exchange the following March (and I wanted to go to SSSOOO many more but couldn’t afford it!) and several weeks after that, the Boomerang gig was announced, so in September I got to see them again! And then, the arena tour was announced and I bought tickets to the O2 in London, but ended up out in Australia after the Boomerang gig, so it is now very nearly a YEAR since I saw them live! 🙁

I am having SEVERE withdrawals. Exacerbated by the recent Australia/NZ tour announcement and dates. Twelve months ago, and it would have lined up PERFECTLY and I would have got to see my boys out in Oz. But it is not going to happen this time…minus a lottery win.

So now I am positively CHAMPING AT THE BIT for an announcement of UK tour dates. All I know for sure is that it won’t be happening in February of next year as they will be in the Antipodes.

I’m hoping dates will be announced before the end of this year, for sure! possibly around my birthday…maybe a bit earlier? Only time will tell. They are so busy recording stuff…and I’m getting the discinct feeling from what Sir was saying, he has several fingers in several pies right now. Far too busy to take time out and have a doughnut with me…(well, that’s what I’ll tell myself anyway…is the reason for his…”lack of enthusiasm” to have a doughnut date with me). So again…only time will tell…but on top of an album (or albums!), it would be something really special to look forward to.