TOTP Glittering Prize – Sept 16th, 1982

I don’t care that he’s wearing what looks like a bib or a “hair catcher”. I don’t care that his hair is dyed black…it looks awesome! I love the cut. STFU! I love how pale he is (deliberately overdone), or how thin he is…he is BEAUTIFUL! An absolute prince! So, enjoy this lovely clean copy of this TOTP appearance by Sir Kerr and co.

Kerrsday Thursday – Bhoy In Boots – PYAM TOTP

I know it’s Promised You A Miracle again – but it is PERFECT boot action! And Jim’s miming (or lack of) gives me a giggle. He also seems to see something funny in the audience which seems to make him laugh – he composes himself quickly though, but it’s cute!

Man, I ❤️LOVE❤️ those boots…and that white suit…and, well…Jim 🙂

Swinging My Swag Over My Shoulder

“Like a glittering prize / I saw you up on a clear day” – Glittering Prize, Simple Minds.

Jim’s putting that invisible swag over his shoulder. He’s off! Lol. I’m ssooo captivated by his odd hand gestures and mimes. Like I need ANY more excuses – but I could watch him all day. Literally!

Glittering Gif Bhoy 3

“Like a glittering prize / I saw you up on a clear day / first taking hearts / then our last breath away” – Glittering Prize, Simple Minds.

Glittering Gif Bhoy 2

“Shine on – shine the light on me / in all of my life so that much more I see” – Glittering Prize, Simple Minds.

Catch Me In A Dream – Glittering Gif Bhoy

“Catch me in a dream – captured all in heart / we were spending time – we were staring out” – Glittering Prize, Simple Minds.