These photos showed up in my Facebook memories today. Taken at my sister’s wedding on December 17th, 1988 – I only just turned 18 several weeks prior.

I shared them on FB last year because I had just taken decent scans of them, them having languished in a drawer for years. I brought them back with me from Oz in 2016.

I don’t have many early photos of myself – just the odd few.

I remember my sister’s wedding day being really lovely. I was her bride’s maid. Not sure why…other than it being purely for the reason of being her sister. Well…half-sister, strictly speaking. We have different dads. But we never spoke in “halves”. All the rest of my siblings – my sister, and my three elder brothers all had the same dad (and mum…obviously!). I was just “the odd one out”. With an age gap to boot.

Anyway, check the hair! Soooo 80s! Streaks, a mullet…WTF?! So Aussie!

I loved that bride’s maid dress. Love the colour. And the hat. I was always looking for a reason to wear that hat again. Kept it for years. Never really found another reason to wear it.