An Artist’s Worth…

Well, it may sound weird still to call yourself an artist…but you can do it with affirmation and pride. A body of work that shows its worth, that you’ve received accreditation and validation for.
So, it may sound odd to your “Weird Ears”…but it is wholly justified.

A case in point…just how the rest of this post is written.

I’m sure if he could feel how I am feeling internally at the moment…or would take a second to look at my Facebook timeline, he’d tell me to “cheer up”. If only life could be bettered with a fake smile? And just to be able to switch yourself off from depresssion. I am in the grip. I don’t want to be. I’ll drag myself out of it again, I’m sure. I do all I can to count my blessings. To remind myself how fortunate I am. I don’t wish for riches. Not material riches. But for things that feel intangible. More intelligence. More talent. More creativity.

If he were to tell me to “cheer up”, I am sure (at the moment) response to him would be, “don’t tell me to ‘cheer up’! Empathise! As you did when you wrote the beautiful Dolphins. Stay an empath, Jim. Don’t be fair-weathered. Remember to Walk Between Worlds. Remember the two way street of empathy.”

He chose the extended version of I Travel for his post…but I’d have chosen the Utah Saints Mix myself. That, the Interference Mix of The American and the German Mix of New Gold Dream are my holy trinity of remix favourites.

(As a side note, I love those pilot shades, Captain Kerr.)

(It’s not the full near 8 minute epic…but beggars can’t be choosers. This is all YouTube has.)