A Look To The Future – Glasgow, 1980

The projection to a Glasgow of 1980, in a film made of the city in 1971. Given the fact that we are told in the film that the task ahead was quite…monumental…did they really think it would be done by 1980? I’m sure quite a bit was in place by 1980, but it seemed some mistakes were made and needed rethinking and replanning.

It is almost unrecognisable to my visitor’s eye – having now visited the city several times in the past couple of years. So very strange to see “The Duke” without his roadworks cone adorning his “heed”. The Kelvingrove still stands tall, of course. And the last time I went, I explored the Mitchell Library for the first time…and it’s stunning. Then there is the tragedy of the fires and damage done to the School of Art. And change still goes on. The last visit, George Square was surrounded by scaffolding. Not sure what was going on there but perhaps I’ll see it soon?

I was fascinated watching this. How much it has all changed. And…the signs around the city (today’s Glasgow). It just continually rings true…PEOPLE MAKE GLASGOW – and they do. And that is the thing I get most on each visit…the pride and optimism from the Weegies themselves. It feels like a city of now. Vibrant. Vital. Cultural. It’s “on point” as they say these days.

Every time I leave Glasgow, I never find myself thinking, “Oh thank fuck for that!” (as I tend to do with London) – I’m usually feeling a little forlorn and thinking, “Aawww, I like this place. I hope it isn’t too long before I get to come back.”