Q Presents John Grant – The Making Of Love Is Magic

It’s lovely to hear him talk. And good to hear the descriptions of the songs from him. The interview was being conducted by Q’s Editor In Chief and he wasn’t the most natural of interviewers.

Not that I can pass judgement!

On the way back to St Pancras, I started to cry…which is just so ridiculous in itself…but…it all just seemed to go wrong.

It was open to questions at the end…and I thought..well, I want to know…I’ll ask him what he thinks of Simple Minds.

Bless him…I don’t think he wanted to be mean…

You know that feeling you get when you open your mouth and you instantly wish you hadn’t said what you just said?


He wasn’t unkind. He spoke fondly of The Breakfast Club and had praise for New Gold Dream…had said he’d met Jim and he was lovely.

I apologised for asking when posing for the photo with him. He was like “it’s okay. I was just being honest”. There was a guy next to me…oh, bless him! He was like “you know, if you liked New Gold Dream, you REALLY need to listen to the one before, Sons And Fascination. You’ll LOVE IT!” And that started me off and I was like “YES! You need to listen to EARLY Simple Minds.” Poor John, I think he felt hounded by this point.

So the first MAJOR faux pas was asking the world’s dumbest question. And then it was the exacerbated by me waiting patiently to just to say a brief word (the apology for such a dumbass question) and a quick pic and John wanting to go.

He made an apology and was about to go…but I had handed my phone to a lady and she stopped him and asked. I felt awful because he wanted to go but she stopped him before I could get my phone back and tell her not to bother.

It all just felt like I had been SUCH an imposition and that on top of the question…and yeah.

Oh, well. As far as social ineptitude goes, I fucking excelled myself tonight! Well done me!

Here’s a couple of pics…one from inside the venue before it kicked off, and the other, the best pic that my crappy phone managed to take of John.

Sorry, John. I’m best never to try to speak to you in future. I’ll just embarrass myself. I cannot apologise enough.

Review: Thumpasaurus – The Social, London – August 8th, 2018

I went to this gig with very little knowledge of the band. I had heard Mental Karate several weeks back on Billy Sloan’s show on BBC Radio Scotland and loved what I’d heard. He then played it again a few Saturday’s back and it had been stuck in my head as a constant earworm since.


I had been seeing one Mr Ronnie Gurr mentioning them on his social media profiles. One mention was of them playing London on Wednesday night, and if available to go, one could get themselves on the guest list.

I was worried I had seen Ronnie’s post far too late. I had been at the Grandslam gig in Maidstone and didn’t see it until the following day.

It wasn’t too late and on the guest list I was put. Ronnie said to me “make sure you bring your dancing shoes!” And, wow! He was not kidding!

Thumpasaurus describe themselves, rather accurately I must say, as “funk-punk”. They are just that! But also bucketloads of fun too!

The gig almost didn’t happen. The clutch seized up on the tour van as the guys were making their way down overnight from Edinburgh (where they are currently doing a run of shows as part of the Fringe). Some panic to get them on their way again meant the boys made it down in the early hours of Wednesday morning meaning the show was on! London certainly would have missed a treat had they not made it and the gig had been cancelled.

Most songs from The Book of Thump were performed. Highlights were definitely Mental Karate and the equally infectious Space Barn – a hands down winner in the “sing-a-long” stakes. (See footage below)

I went into the gig with no expectations other than the feeling I was about to have myself a ball. And…it was all that! The guys are fabulous! Great musicians, all of them.

If you need a night of escapism…a place to go to take yourself away from your troubles, I can’t think of many places better than to find yourself at a Thumpasaurus gig. If you love funk and groove and love dancing…catchy tunes…and just love live music and having a dance and sing…GO SEE THUMPASAURUS! There is no excuse! Esp. if you live in Edinburgh, or Scotland. Go check them out at the Fringe. They are fabulous!

Thanks for the great night, guys. And thank you, Ronnie for the invite. Much appreciated. And good luck with the rest of the tour. Reel them crowds in, boys!