One Of The Banned

Whenever I see something that I think will interest Jim these days I can’t think of any other way to try to get it to him than to just….post it here. As if he would visit here! But…how else am I meant to do it? There’s no point posting anything via SM social media – he’s never there. Those days are gone.

For fear of sounding like the continual scratched record – I miss being able to easily get to share these things with him. Just to highlight something that I’d think would intrigue him and it might have invoked a ‘conversation’ (commas needed, as it would be a written thing rather than an oral dialogue).

Anyway, I digress.

This is from Reason magazine. I was only looking through it for the first time ever today and their main feature in the magazine was looking at books that had been banned. The Master and Margarita was one of the books they covered. I thought the piece might be of interest to Jim, and/or Charlie. It made me wonder whether Charlie ever got my version of Behemoth that I painted for him – and whether he actually kept it if he did?

I may actually have to revisit the book, seeing how much I have been enjoying the religious studies element of my study so far.

What Are You Doing Coming Back – Monsieur Jacques?

I’d love to know when Jim first read The Master And Margarita. He’d obviously done by 1983 for Up On The Catwalk to be influenced by it. So, perhaps earlier than that? As early as 1979/80? I’m sure it’s all coincidence. But in this bit there is a corpse arriving to a ball called Monsieur Jacques. I couldn’t help but think of the line from Thirty Frames A Second, “Some friends of mine I thought were dead are coming back. What are you doing coming back, Jack?!” 

Just another observation…