The Turbett – The F*** Up!

Yep! Monumental fuck up happened today. I wanted to “fix” the niggly bits that were worrying me about his nose. The more I tinkered. The more I dabbled, the worse it got! To such a degree that I was left with little choice but to paint over his whole nose completely.

I HATE PAINTING (and drawing!) NOSES!!!

The worse thing is…it WAS a good nose…just not a wholly accurate nose. I was worried about its proportion and angle. That’s what I was trying to fix. The main bugbear was the left side of it…it just didn’t look quite right. And on the whole, it looked a little too long.

But now?! I’d have it back in a heartbeat! Better that than what I’m probably going to end up having, needing to redo it. And I need to smooth the canvas out now…somehow. He’ll look like he has bogeys if I just paint over the top of it now. Lol

Oh…just…kill me now!

I hope to god I can put a decent looking nose back in place.