So What Happens Now?

I don’t know. I didn’t talk as much about the “strange relationship” as I wanted to. (But I still talked a fuckload!) It was an odd title. I know he chose it for the Prince song but…I kind of missed the connection between the choice of Prince song and the subject of the taxi driver.

What “strange relationship” exactly? Having to straddle “rock stardom” and “normality“? Was that what it was eluding to?

Or does he write in code…? That could allude (elude?) to a “strange relationship”?

Again…no idea. Anyway, time for bed. I forgot ALL ABOUT posting this. Could have done so hours ago.

Night night.

Kerr Cab

I don’t highlight stuff he writes too often these days. I mean, if any of you blog visitors are SM fans, you know where they are on social media (I mention SMO FB enough!).

But today…he’s a card!

Goddamn man! Why does have to be so lovely and funny and sexy and just…