Spotify 2018 Listening Stats

I really, really do lve Silent Kiss ❤️😊😚



The only pages I didn’t save were the ones giving me a link to my Top 100 Songs of 2018 playlist – which you’ll find a link to below – and the final “share” page to share your Spotify stats rundown via social media.


Cherisse Osei – Live Stream On Instagram

I missed mentioning it….and then I was too busy WATCHING it to post about it!

Just a short while ago, Cherisse Osei via her Instagram account streamed live and we were treated to roughly the first 45 mins of the Simple Minds set from Nantes. The stream cut off midway through Andy Warhol (which I was enjoying immensely). Damn! Oh well, in nine days I’ll get to see it for myself.

It was a fab little insight and a fab perspective. Thank you Cherisse and thanks Simple Minds! Loved it ❤️

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(A tiny bit I filmed from my iPad Mini. Aspect ratio is all over the place, but it was fun!)