The Only Idiot In The Village

Why am I the only mug who seems to try and do the right thing?

I took down the prints from my Etsy site that were under question. I’m trying to get permission for use from BMG and nothing is happening – nothing probably ever WILL happen. I don’t use copyrighted images in what little I sell. I am always very careful. 

I’m trying to continue to build up the painting side of things.

And yet…I feel like I’m the only one trying to do the right thing.

I’m getting more and more disheartened.

I don’t know why I care. No one else seems to give a shit.

What’s the point? Seriously. Someone tell me. 

I keep trying to stay positive and want something to work for me. Better myself…just feel…purposeful…creative.

What little bits of good stuff that has happened in the past few months have been SSOOO welcome…but, I feel a very big dry spell coming up. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to move forward or go anywhere.

Sorry. Personal rant. Just feel…deflated today. Head banging against a brick wall of ignorance as I try to be “Miss Straight And Narrow”.

A yay or nae from BMG would be MOST welcome. Who the fark do I contact to be heard at this bloody place?