Glasgow Gazes

Took another wander through Sighthill Cemetery today, on the way to get the messages at St Rollox.

The trio of the skyline I tried to make into a panorama using software but it compresses a photo that already isn’t as fab as I keep hoping my phone will take. So I’ve left them as the trio I took so they could be zoomed in on, etc.

I’ll add the panorama jobs for good measure.

The first photo is out overlooking the city centre.




Weekly Lockdown Let-out

It has been the most glorious spring day today here in Glasgow. Full max ‘taps aff’ weather. Sunny and 22 degrees Celsius!

Today was a mix of getting exercise and getting the messages at St Rollox. The walk took us along Sighthill Cemetery – which is a beautiful place! A few assorted pics below.