Spellbound Exhibition At The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Now the summer is all but gone (officially ended as of Saturday…but seasonally not really over until autumnal equinox – which this year is on Sept 23 – obv. always in September…but can fall between the 21st to the 24th), and with only a smattering of gigs left this year, my mind was thinking on to having a look at what exhibitions I could try and get to in the autumn.

And by a strange twist of serendipty, early this afternoon I saw a post on Facebook from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. They have an exhibition running until early January called Spellbound…to do with things superstisious and supernatural. On their post, they linked to a Guardian piece by writer Philip Pullman, regarding the exhibition and its subject matter. An absorbing read. You can read it by CLICKING HERE.

In his piece he mentioned the book below. It sounded so intriguing, I had order a copy on my Kindle. Looking forward to reading through it. It sounds more than the sum of its parts by Pullman’s description.