Poor Jim…this SSOOO must have been what I looked like to him outside Drury Lane after the gig! I’m sorry, Jim! (Thanks to Gertie to initially sharing this on SM fan page on Facebook)

Reposted Here (Thanks To A Pair Of Insensitive A**holes)

I had put this on the SMO wall…but there you go…people have to put their oar into stuff that doesn’t concern them. Thank you, asshats!
Maybe he’ll see it here? (Is that a pig flying?)


Jim…it is still playing on my mind…much like the Life In Oils/Soloman Solohead things did with me for weeks after they happened. (And that’ll be the last time I mention them!)

Perhaps it will have been forgotten? Water under the bridge already? But it feels…unfinished and I want to make an apology.

Anyway, on to my point (Do you have one?, he says). Your Facebook post early yesterday morning (post-Luxembourg gig) with the picture of Ged and Gordy.

My comment. Oh, I do appear to be doing my best to inadvertently pee you off this year!

And your reply back to me. Of course mistakes are all part of the live performance and experience. I didn’t bring it up to make you feel bad about it! You mentioned one of the reasons why Ged’s expression was how it was was that maybe it was a look of consternation because you “stuffed up” again. It was the only reason I mentioned Chelsea Girl at Hackney…just as one SINGULAR example of you having stuffed up in front of me.

I’m not there with a notebook and a pen waiting for you to stuff up and take notes! I know I can be pedantic but f***ing hell! I’m not THAT bad!

Like I said in my subsequent reply to you that morning (once I got my breath back, and took the knife out of my chest) – it was a split second and I could see you knew it too and I felt for you. Of course, you’re a pro and it happens all the time for you…but I was experiencing it through my own feelings, so I was conscious of the setting, the cameras and just saw that momentary glimpse in you that said “Oh fab! I’d have to stuff up at this! Of all gigs!” It’s just how in that split second your face looked. Of course you moved on, you recovered, and it was forgotten. I was just “in the moment”, experiencing what I saw on your face.

Those “stuff ups” (and they ARE rare…I’ve watched YouTube clips now…and had my notebook and pen with me this time! Oh, I am kidding!! Bad joke – “aren’t ALL your jokes bad?” says he) make you human and fallible and help you get knocked off the Nelson’s Column sized pedestal I have you placed upon.

And because it’s still playing on my mind…please do accept my apology for bringing it up. I’m sorry, Sir.

(And if I’d had time on what was still Tuesday night for me, this is the rather long-winded reply you WOULD have got. Sorry about that too. You know I like to waffle. All too well, you poor man!)

And Whoosh! It Was Gone…

I hope I didn’t piss Sir off yesterday with my silly post…as the whole Stewart Lee post on SMO was taken down :-((

It was a fun piece, Sir! And you spent so much time refining it and refining it to then just delete it entirely? I hope it wasn’t because of my gentle ribbing? You know I adore you! 

Just saying.

I just hope you didn’t decide to take it down because of me.