Bravado In A Baseball Cap – Respect Yourself!

He has changed the post several times now since he originally posted it last night. He likes to fuss over the posts most times, chopping and changing text as he goes, adding things, removing others.

Perhaps he was right about himself when he said to Ricky Ross at the end of that recent interview “I am not a writer” – you certainly like to edit enough! This tome of yours must be going through endless drafts! Lol. Sorry, Jim. But the amount you edit posts tickles me. You had all day to post your thing about Jimmy Iovine. Have you never heard of a “word processor”? Lol. Or “cut and paste”?

I’m not a writer, either. But I make sure what I am posting on my blog is – by and large – exactly what I want to say the first time. (I am compiling this post now in my “Notes” app on my iPad Mini, as an example.) The only editing that goes on is the spelling mistakes I missed during composition and proof-reading that I then see AFTER posting. I never usually change the make up of the post. Adding content and taking other content away. If I do add content, it is usually posted with an obvious “UPDATE” attached.

But I digress.

The point of this was the added wording I read on the post this morning – its 10th edit.

That term again! This thing about “realness”. Why does it sound like hypocrisy to me sometimes? And why the hell do I continue to care!? How do you measure “real”?

What does he look for? What’s the secret? Why do I try so hard to crack it? Why do I want “in” so much on the Kerr world?

He hates a quitter, but he seems to be equally turned off by the wrong kind of persistence. So…do I care too much? TELL ME WHICH ONE IT IS, JIM?! I know you don’t care…well maybe neither should I. Geez, I wish I could!

I had a really dark thought this morning as I awoke opened my eyes and you were the first thought there. You’re always the first thought, the last thought and always there through the night too. There seems little escape. And the only means of escape from it I could see this morning was…well, very black, and not something I am going to admit to thinking. But it seems the only option available to me at the moment. Well…not an option available to me. I’ll keep it cryptic.

Again, I digress.

I admit. Last night…my comments. I was hoping he’d bite. That he’d say something. Reply to me. Prove me wrong about my thoughts on Jimmy Iovine. Jimmy probably knows best. I mean, what the fuck do *I* know about writing a song. But…how many songs has Jimmy Iovine actually written himself? For all the work I see listed upon his CV, the one thing that appears missing on it is “songwriter”.

So, what is this “realness” Jim talks of that Jimmy supposedly possess? From what I can see he’s just a blagger, all bravado. By all means a great producer…just by the stats of the list of production under his belt. Ah, but does QUANTITY equal QUALITY? Just has the courage of his convictions and therefore that seems to make him right. How do you learn from anything if you go through life thinking you are always right? And how does that command respect? Am I missing something here?

I fell asleep last night…at some point…very, very late. It was a very warm night in Glasgow last night. I tossed and turned, restless. It wasn’t just the weather keeping me awake. It was also that question that keeps appearing. “Why won’t he talk to me?! Why have I lost this thing I felt I had? Why can’t I just stop fucking caring?! Just…respect myself and not give a toss about what this man thinks any more. Stop wanting to be his friend.”

Until the bitter end…

The Master Of The Art

I’m always flicking through the pages of the music mags. Not much really has me stopping for too long. (Perhaps to my detriment? A slow reader’s curse that to be drawn in to read something, you REALLY have to grab their attention – going by my own experience anyway.)

I suppose I am finding myself studying Lou Reed quite a bit of late. Not in an involving and methodical way like I have done with others who end up deeply piquing my musical interest. Bowie very much became a study piece as much as a musical exploration. If I’d have taken an OU degree in English Lit. say, Bowie in some way or other could have ended up the subject of my thesis.

I can feel it possibly going that way now with Lou Reed. Exploring his work deeper. I am certainly starting to feel that sense of the story itself being as important as the music. But I think that is what usually pulls me in to those musical artists I admire and covet most. They are great storytellers, either by encapsulating the narrative verbally, or creating a visual palette of what is being told with an inner visual artist flair. (John Foxx’s description of Jim Kerr being the “the best internal movie director” always springs to mind. It is my favourite description of Jim as a songwriter and it is just so…”on point”, as the whippersnappers say these days).

I really am starting to get that there is much more to Lou than meets the eye.

Slow News Sunday Summary – May 19th

  • Cherisse in rehearsals for Kelly Jones tour
  • Sir talks writing songs and Govanhill library

“No news is good news” the old saying goes. In that case, Simple Minds HQ is positively drowning in good news! Lol

Just the one post this week from The Mister after last Sunday’s “I’ve woken up thinking about gigging” exciting little fluttering bit of info.

This week’s post had him talking about golden tickets and how luck sometimes falls your way. And how a knew piece of potential SM magic found its way to being formed.

Jim Kerr – do you EVER have a “bad day”? One where you’ve just…had enough? You feel a bit sorry for yourself? Stay in bed under the covers? No…of course you don’t.




Cherisse is currently in rehearsals with Kelly Jones. Oh, I could do with a lesson from her right about now! I am losing what little semblance of faith I had in myself.

Won’t bore you with the details…but let’s just say I am feeling disillusioned again and Aunt Fanny is shouting louder than ever. She’s a f***ing bitch, but I can’t help feeling she has a point!

I KNOW IT WILL TAKE TIME! I just wish I could have some faith in my ability to actually get somewhere with it. I want to believe that in two years time I’ll be drumming with some kind of competency. But…no. I’m not sure I believe it.

Anyway…I’ve ended up making this about me.

No news is good news! Convince me…

P.S. Book cover shared is the one he shared from my having asked him what the first book he borrowed from the library was. Was he taking liberties? I am never sure when it comes to Mr Kerr. He’s a cagey (and snarky!) bugger.

A Long Wait For A Silent Kiss

Still on the tidying up process of my Flickr account (I underestimated the number of images I have in my account. 20k was not quite right…the figure is nearer 34k! That’s A LOT of images to be sifting through and sorting out!)

The image below was posted by Jim on January 3rd, 2016. Underneath it was my comment to the news about it.

Just on 25 months later, I got my first listen of it…and by heck was it worth the wait! What an incredible song! No wonder Jim was already excited by it! Romantic alright! It’s frigging BEAUTIFUL!

The only gripe I ever had was that…much like Liaison and Bittersweet, it ended up a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Walk Between Worlds. Jim gave an explanation as to why a few days after the album’s release.

But, unlike the aforementioned tracks on the deluxe Big Music album, Silent Kiss was destined (so far, at least – due to the nature in which WBW was to be showcased) never to get a live airing.

Will it ever? Highly doubt it. Will I love it any less because of that fact? NO WAY! It was absolute love upon first listen.

I’m Not A Complicated Guy – In The First Verse…

I had never read (or even SEEN) this interview before. I’m sure he must have shared it on SMO at the time…but I was so early into my mega fandom, I no doubt overlooked it. Too busy absorbing the music and many other things about the Simple Minds world. Watching tons of early footage…as much as I could find…trying to relive early gigs…creating as much of a way to time travel as I could.

I can’t express how much those early days captured me. Captivated me! And still does. Those embryonic stages of the whole band dynamic…and Jim. Always Jim.

Always that concoction of bubbling, smouldering…just all the facets of him. I said once of him, “he’s an enigma wrapped up in a question mark”.

And that one…that bloody one from Spirited Away I have always to believe to be a falsehood. A fallacy! Because I see him as ANYTHING but uncomplicated! He may like simple pleasures…good food, warm weather, the companionship of a dog, etc, etc…but that brain! Is anything but uncomplicated! Scrupulous…quite possibly overactive. Mercurial. Another word I have used several times to describe him. He endlessly fascinates me. He is as ambiguous as his lyrics. Oh, to be that fascinating to someone. To continue to pique a person’s interest like that purpetually. How I wish! But I suppose that is the difference between us. I see the layers of an onion. (I’m sure many others would and do see him as rather one dimensional…some fans have said as much to me. That they find him rather boring.) Layers to peel away. Whereas I am an open book. Ask me a question, I’ll answer it openly and honestly. Unless it would betray a trust of somone else, I will be open and honest. But…I have no private world to maintain. Or do I?

And the reading of books. It reminds me of how voracious I had become some years back. Giving myself challenges. Book reading challanges. I’m a slow reader. Methodical. Quite possibly deliberately so. I don’t want to miss details. And if I try to read fast, I miss details. I’ll get distracted. Read 5 pages of a book, and instantly have no recollection of what I just read. So I take time.

I have some 200 books unread on my Kindle. I bought so many books…and I have read some great books. Not classics. Not anything anyone would know by any reknowned author. But some great ones.

Seeing as I am to hear Ian Rankin give a talk in a couple of weeks…perhaps I should read at least ONE Rebus novel? I do like a good detective story. A long favourite of mine has been the 87th Prescinct novels of Ed McBain. I’d borrow them from the library and read them. There are so many of them. I’ve probably only read maybe 10 of them at most. I have a stack of them on the Kindle now.

I knew of Jim loving Bulgakov and The Master And Margarita (curiously, when at a recent recording of the BBC Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy – The News Quiz, the guy sitting next to me was reading Heart Of A Dog. I asked him what he thought of it, in comparison to The Master And Margarita, having asked him had he read that also. He said he felt it more methodical than TMAM…not as fluid…certainly not as “supernatural”, but that he was enjoying it) – but Vanity Fair was news to me! I must get back to reading more regularly!

I learned things from the interview. It answered questions I had…but always throws up more. Sometimes I love the mystery. The intrigue. Sometimes I don’t want to know. I want him to remain fascinating…because…once you peel away all the layers…what’s left?

And does everyone who knows me thinks they know me well? Do I deceive? Deception makes me uncomfortable. I don’t deceive. There are just things no one needs to know…

Anyway, after all that, you can read the interview with Jim (from 2014) HERE

SongFacts Interview With Jim

The best of today’s shared interviews – Jim’s words on Kirsty MacColl in particular are wonderful. He elaborated a little more on the SMO post.

You can view the whole interview on the SongFacts blog by CLICKING HERE

And, in case for some reason, it disappears from the comments, my response to a particular part of the interview that resonated for me…




The Art Give Away – Reasons

I think a few of my friends are under the false impression that because I am doing this SM art print give away that I’ve had a rejection to use SM lyrics and song titles in my art pieces from BMG.

Erm…chance would be a fine thing – of my EVER getting a response from BMG! Lol. Hell would definitely freeze over first! And this is the ironic thing. This is the thing that infruiates me about this WHOLE affair. 

IF it mattered to them – IF they were THAT worried about me making a FORTUNE selling things that they sought a profit from…would they have not got back to me by now? 

As I have said, time and again…I am SMALL FRY. I am not making a bloody penny from this, as it happens. What tiny bit I’ve sold on Etsy has been swallowed up by me giving away far more than I’ve sold, and buying more art materials. My profit margins on my sales are minimal. I won’t go into exact figures, but I would have to shift more stock than I am physically able to, to start to make the kind of money from it that I would need to see as a sustainable, supportive income. 

I have grappled with this since day one! Since I wanted to try and pursue this…future in art. The dilemma of wanting to make it something that I do full time, but make a living from it – or at least TRY to. There is such a…counterintuitive element to it. To want to be creative and artistic, but to try and sell it. I’ve never felt fully comfortable with it…but how do I make it work for me otherwise?

I’ve never tried to suggest that any of the lyrics I print in my pieces are MY words! I would never do that. It is very obvious, to anyone, they are Simple Minds songs, and Jim Kerr’s words (or co-written by him). He is always the focal point of every single piece. And I have never used any photographic copyrighted images in the pieces I have sold (or try to sell). I have used copyrighted images for some pieces I have done…but those particular ones have NEVER been for sale. I’d never do that.

So, no. The reason for the give away is not because of a “no” from BMG. If I ever actually hear back from them…I will be stunned. Perhaps, like many others would do, I should just ignore it and keep my stock on the Etsy shop? But I dare say that others would be watching me, and though the decision isn’t theirs to make, either, it would be frowned upon.

And…it is not how I want to operate. I am an honest person and do not want to do anything duplicitous. 

So…the reason for the give away is purely…I see no outcome happening. I don’t see any miraculous reply from BMG telling me it’s okay to do what I am doing (“Oh, it’s fine, go ahead! You make fuck all anyway. We don’t give a shit!” – like that’ll EVER happen!)…and if some miracle WAS to occur AND I get a reply from them…and by further miracle it would be a YES – well, I now have the means to print-to-order from home.

But…I see no outcome happening any time soon…and while that is the case, I have stock taking up room in my house, collecting dust. I don’t want them sitting around! And if no one wants to buy them (hey, but I’m potentially robbing BMG of millions, right?)…and I’m not able to sell them…I’ll give them away! (It’s amazing how much people love your art when it’s free!)

It’ll have me out of pocket…again…but I’d rather see them going to fans homes and adorning walls than just sitting around in a poster tube in a cupboard. 

I’d hang them up myself…but I don’t have the space and far too much Simple Minds merchandise up on my walls as is. (Can one have too many pictures of Jim Kerr on their walls? Is this even possible??? Lol)

So, in a nutshell. I just want them out of here, in peoples’ homes being appreciated and loved.