I’m Not Crying For You (Except, I am…)

Because I bloody miss you! I am starting to get VERY severe withdrawal symptoms, Mr Kerr. Please remedy this, sharpish! (Yeah, I can keep on wishing. I know!) You know, regular FB interactivity allows me not to miss you so much, oh wonderful Sir Kerrmeister 🙂

Just saying.

And you need to stop pointing with your middle finger, you dirty boy! (Sets off on very dirty-minded reverie about one leather clad snake-hipped sex god. I may be some time…)

ANYWAYS. More art. It passes the time…

Simple Minds Live – Vredenburg, Utrecht 16/6/82

Wow! I’ve only listened to some of it, so far – but they are tight and Boy be ON FIRE! Hell! 

Thirty Frames A second is lyrically jumbled up…but I will overlook it for the sheer VENOM he delivers it with…complete with a “fuck you, Jack!” Be still my beating ovaries! Lol. I can visualise him in his full manic, mercurial, stage-rampaging, snake-hipped glory. Grrrr! Down girl!!!  

Honestly though…if I wasn’t “into” him anyway…I’d be on the floor begging for mercy.

Big thanks to Michael Feeney for pointing me to this one. I hope I can dig up the whole gig. I WANT A TARDIS!!!! :-(((