New Gold Dream era Smash Hits reviews. Singles: Promised You A Miracle (reviewed by Neil Tennant, no less!) and Someone Somewhere (In Summertime) reviewed, plus Album: New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) reviewed by David Hepworth, receiving 8/10.

Been playing all these babies tonight!
From left to right – top row: Glittering Prize, Speed Your Love To Me, Don’t You (Forget About Me), Sanctify Yourself (double 7" gatefold. One single plays at 45 – the other at 33!).
Left to right – middle row: Sweat In Bullet (double 7" gatefold), Life In A Day, Promised You A Miracle, Up On The Catwalk.
Left to right – bottom row: Chelsea Girl, Changeling, War Babies.

Part four (final part…not sharing photos of ALL the singles!) of my Simple Minds 7" single hoard. I sssooo want to make a clock out of the Kick It In cover. Lol.

Part three of Simple Minds 7" singles hoard. A lovely limited edition, numbered copy of Stand By Love, with lovely poster (Jim is bloody hawt!!) that is ssssooo going up on the wall WHEN I GET FRAMES!! (if ever I get any frames!)

Part two of Simple Minds 7" single hoard. Ooh, I do love that Kaleidoscope flexi-disc. It’s sssooo flimsy! Probably TOTALLY unplayable, but it looks wonderful! :-))

Haven’t really shared many photos of my SM hoard of goodies I picked up last week.

Here is part one of the 7" single swag – 41 of them in all! Some are copies of the same single, but sourced from a diff. country or have some other kind of desirable/rarity attached to them, so I probably have around 34 unique singles. Pretty good!