View From The (Sight)hill

There are probably more beautiful cemeteries – but I love Sighthill. I’d be more than happy to be buried there. But…who knows what will happen to my shell when I’m gone? There won’t even be anyone around to care so it hardly matters.

Throw me in the Clyde. Who cares.

Anyway…it’s beautiful. See for yourself below…

Forgot today’s step count!
Oh, and Sultan with her toy spider.

Glasgow Gazes

Took another wander through Sighthill Cemetery today, on the way to get the messages at St Rollox.

The trio of the skyline I tried to make into a panorama using software but it compresses a photo that already isn’t as fab as I keep hoping my phone will take. So I’ve left them as the trio I took so they could be zoomed in on, etc.

I’ll add the panorama jobs for good measure.

The first photo is out overlooking the city centre.




Weekly Lockdown Let-out

It has been the most glorious spring day today here in Glasgow. Full max ‘taps aff’ weather. Sunny and 22 degrees Celsius!

Today was a mix of getting exercise and getting the messages at St Rollox. The walk took us along Sighthill Cemetery – which is a beautiful place! A few assorted pics below.