Changing Rooms

The walls (wardrobe doors actually…well, part of the display extends to the wall) may change, but the view won’t.

A move will happen sometime this year. And it is just so damn exciting but also very much an adventure into the unknown. To be looking into buying a property is something I thought would only ever happen due to a lottery win. It’s one of those things in my life that, on the rare occasion, I would let myself dream about but NEVER actually believe would ever be real.

But at some point (with luck!) this year we’ll move house, but not just moving elsewhere but BUYING the house! And not just moving house but moving to a new part of the country…or even into a new country entirely!

There are things to take with me. I don’t want to take a lot. I arrived here with a suitcase. Literally. That was it. A suitcase of clothes, and a few little portable trinkets. The majority of what I want to take with me I have only accumulated over the past few years…including these beautiful things.

As I say…the walls may change but the view won’t.

More Shrine Hanging

More stuff being hung at Casa Read today.

Finally got this behemoth up on the wall! Maybe when Jim gets back from being half-way round t’ other side of t’ world, he can officially come and open Luton’s first (and only?) Simple Minds shrine. Lol

Beauty Personified 

If this year is determined to end in the most shitty way possible, then I am going to do my best to counter it.

Yes…it’s a personal blog, above all else. It exists ultimately for my own benefit…hence the title “PRIPTONA’S Simple Minds Space”. I.E – my space, to do with as I like. I like to make it Simple Minds orientated. I love the band…the music. But if this blog has more Jim Kerr on it than is deemed necessary…frankly I do not care. By blog. My rules. BITE ME!

Shrine Building Continues

Wanted to have the picture discs accompanied with something to fill the space. I thought of CD covers and was initially going to keep a theme and have Promised You A Miracle and Glittering Prize or SSIS in the frame…but they were a bit big (they were old style single sleeve CD cover inserts in those old style slim plastic cases)…and I wanted to display the Acoustic inlay with Jim & Charlie’s signatures on it. So…I chose that and partnered it with the Big Music cover. I like it! I have 8 Minds themed things on display and have at least another 7 to hang. WE NEED MORE WALL!