Pretty Flamingo(s)

“When he walks by he brightens up the neighbourhood
Oh, every gal would make him hers if she just could
If he just would”

Shop Bargains

I wasn’t going to buy from the SM shop because…you know, I am sooo bloody skint right now…but how could I pass up getting two SM shirts for £10?

I’d had my eye on this Koko “Themes” CD labels one for…well, years…and finally, some 2 years after the fact (and also rubbing in the fact that I didn’t get to go, because I was in Oz) I got a Big Music autumn tour dates shirt. It’s actually my FIRST and only Big Music shirt. Better late than never.

The Good, The Silly, and The Fangirl

The AMAZING shirt! (Not quite ear muffs!)

The silly shirt!

And the fanatical fangirl wearing them. Rarer than SM merch…and better because he’s on them both. I could generate a line of these (BUT I WON’T! If you are, for some reason that’ll remain a mystery to me, looking at this blog, Sir…possibly just to make sure I’m NOT doing something libellous – worry not!) and call them “Kerr Shirts”. It has a good ring!