Scottish Crumpet?

Hell yes! Oh, he so is! Best. Hashtag. Ever.

He could also be a bit of hot tattie scone with a good lashing of butter on it.

Fuck yeah! Kerr, you melt MY butter, you goddamn sex god!

Also, been out strolling along the Forth and Clyde Canal today. Weather was beautiful. I’m knackered TF!

Pleasure In Pain…

The Sweat In Bullet video….honestly…when it gets to this point, I’m like “Whip me. Just fucking whip me with that mic cord. Just do it. Break the skin. Just frigging hurt me!”

He’s delicious…

Man, I need help! (Been a long time since I spoke like this on the blog. I can feel a dark mood descending again…)

I’m Not Crying For You (Except, I am…)

Because I bloody miss you! I am starting to get VERY severe withdrawal symptoms, Mr Kerr. Please remedy this, sharpish! (Yeah, I can keep on wishing. I know!) You know, regular FB interactivity allows me not to miss you so much, oh wonderful Sir Kerrmeister 🙂

Just saying.

And you need to stop pointing with your middle finger, you dirty boy! (Sets off on very dirty-minded reverie about one leather clad snake-hipped sex god. I may be some time…)

ANYWAYS. More art. It passes the time…


Oh, he is…all the superlatives under the sun! I am allowing myself a celebratory indulgence tonight…because I did bloody darn good today! See you in 10 days, you bloody damn sexy beast! 🙂

*I’ll be wanting the ground to swallow me up again by then*

Simple Minds Live – Vredenburg, Utrecht 16/6/82

Wow! I’ve only listened to some of it, so far – but they are tight and Boy be ON FIRE! Hell! 

Thirty Frames A second is lyrically jumbled up…but I will overlook it for the sheer VENOM he delivers it with…complete with a “fuck you, Jack!” Be still my beating ovaries! Lol. I can visualise him in his full manic, mercurial, stage-rampaging, snake-hipped glory. Grrrr! Down girl!!!  

Honestly though…if I wasn’t “into” him anyway…I’d be on the floor begging for mercy.

Big thanks to Michael Feeney for pointing me to this one. I hope I can dig up the whole gig. I WANT A TARDIS!!!! :-(((


I don’t know why…but after a while…it just becomes therapy. There’s a compulsion. It relaxes me. 

I hadn’t played with this one for a while. It’s the eyes. The eyes draw me in. By God, he is devastatingly gorgeous. 

I need to find out who the photographer of this photo is too.

How can someone this…EXOTIC…be called Jim? It’s too plain. Too ordinary. But then anything else would be too pretentious. But *THAT* look right there SCREAMS “pretentiousness”. 

It’s a Laird Dash Fandango moment, surely? And that pose. That signature pose of the time.

Okay, I’m going to bed before I drown in a pool of my own drool. Lol